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FeverFest 2008

FeverFest 2008 combined a production of Wallace Shawn’s one-person play The Fever with a series of economic dialogue events exploring poverty in Maine. Two performers co-directed the play and performed on alternate evenings. The accompanying events included a panel discussion, a Citizen Salon dialogue, and a workshop entitled “Enoughedness” offered by guest artist Marty Pottenger.

The Stone Fisherman

Completed in 2007, The Stone Fisherman was a two-month, group-led writing and performance process. The Bertolt Brecht poem “The Stone Fisherman” (translation H.R. Hays) was chosen as a source text. The group created and produced four ten-minute plays inspired by the poem with performance and direction by the ensemble. 

Living History 

Living History was a performance installation built into the corner of a garage venue in Portland, Maine.  The performance combined improvisation with scripted material and was collaboratively generated over a period of ten days with the performance ensemble.  Central themes included the experience of memory and personal relationships to place. Installation designed and built by Jennie Hahn. Project completed in 2006.


Keith Anctil
Wade Brainerd
Virginia Collins
Derek Converse
Jennie Hahn

Keith Fitzgerald
Anna Korsen
Christopher Reiling
Tessy Seward
Kerry Sullivan
Tess Van Horn